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Please let us know whether you are Inside Australia or Outside Australia.

Points Calculation

Let's cover the most important parts of Points test calculation such as your age, IELTS or Basic Education.


Please provide your exact Date of Birth to calculate your age points. You should enter the exact Date carefully so that Brilliant Bot could update you in the future if your points are increased or decreased due to a change in your age. Giving the Bot exact date of birth will always keep you updated about your current points all the time in future

English Level Points

Please note that English Language Requirement (IELTS or PTE) points are one of the most crucial factors in calculating your points. You must select the highest score that you can achieve, or have achieved after proper preparation. Many applicants cannot meet the requirements due to the low score. So, you must try to select the score that could reflect your maximum potential after proper preparations. Remember, more scores in English test can get you more points and increases your chances to get Visa.

Education Level Points

OVERSEAS Work Experience points

Now lets calculate your OVERSEAS Work Experience points. It means the points related to your work experience overseas and not Australian work experience.

Australian Work Experience

Australian Education


Professional Year Program

Designated Language Points.

Partner Points

Family Member In Australia

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