Australian Student Or Study Visa

Students who aspire to be part of world class Australian Universities, apply for study visa from their home countries. Australia in the last decade has become a famous study abroad destination. Eligibility has become much stern now that Australian Universities lead in the Continent in World Rankings. With its High Standard of living and ample Job Opportunities, study abroad Australia is a dream of every international study abroad applicant.

Students Assessment:

The first step is to look for a reliable Education Consultant or University who could assess your personal circumstances to find out whether you are eligible to apply for the admission. The assessment includes:

  • Your past study history.
  • Your English proficiency score in IETLS, PTE or other English Language test scores.
  • Your capacity to satisfy the University and the Australian immigration department that you or your sponsor have sufficient funds to pay your Study expenses. At a minimum, you would have to pay the first-semester fee in Advance to the University.
  • Your selection of course and the university where you intend to study.

Confirmation of Enrolment:

Your consultant will apply for admission in your desired University, and the successful students are issued with “Confirmation of Enrolment”, COE.

Final Visa Application:

Students generally think that it is easy to get Study Visa after the COE is issued. However, both COE and Visa approval process is a complicated process and needs careful preparation of your application on your behalf.

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As explained, getting to Australia is a complex process. Brilliant Migration Club overseas offices and the Australian Head office receives hundreds of queries every day from all around the world from students who are interested in Study in Australia. Being a registered Migration Company in Australia, we accept applications from ELIGIBLE students only, and we would not take any application unless the student follows a specific process explained below.
Process 1

Apply for Assessment

We do not entertain assessment request through verbal communication or messages. We are the only Migration Company that has developed our own state of the art Migration & Student application processing software (CRM). Students are required to submit “Students application form” on our Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) first and provide certain information about them.
Process 2

Preliminary assessment by an experienced case officer:

Once the two-step application form on our website or CRM is completed, an Australian based Case officer will be assigned on the completed application for preliminary assessment. At this stage, the case officer will either decline or accept the application based on the information provided in online assessment form. If accepted, a case officer will contact the applicant through CRM and will call to discuss the possibilities of further assessment before the COE is applied to the Australian University on student’s behalf. We have Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Pushto and Chinese speaking case officers in our team to talk in your language.

process 3

Admission in University and Visa application:

In the third step, the case officer will prepare the University Enrolment Application followed by a Visa application. Students can join the University after the Study Visa is issued by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Please click below if you would like to apply for the preliminary assessment.

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