Training Visa Subclass 407 by Expert Migration Agent Sidra Shahab

Training Visa Subclass 407

The Training Visa Subclass 407 is a temporary visa offered to aspirants intending to hone their skills. It allows the successful applicant to reside in Australia for two years, to participate in occupational or workplace training activities that help him/her to increase his/her expertise further in the specified occupation. 

The training program comprises 70% workplace experience while 30% classroom learning. That is, the successful applicants are required to spend at least 30-hours a week in the training sessions. Moreover, they are strongly prohibited from engaging in activities (job) other than the specified training occupation. 

Just like any visa, the training visa Subclass 407 requires the aspirant to fulfill certain criteria and go through a highly systemized process to obtain an invitation for application from the concerned authorities.

Assuming that you have no prior familiarity with subclass 407, let’s go through a set of all the specifics bound with this Subclass to help you lodge a successful application, and increase your area of knowledge regarding the particular visa.


Eligibility Criteria for Training Visa Subclass 407

To stand eligible for a Subclass 407 training visa, one must pass certain eligibility criteria. The applicant must:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Should have approved Sponsor as a temporary activities Sponsor.
  • You must be nominated by your sponsor.
  • Only and solely enter Australia to undertake a training program as a genuine temporary entrant.
  • Have health insurance
  • Adequate financial support throughout the stay
  • Meet the health requirements.
  • Comply with the training visa conditions.
  • Good immigration history


If the applicant is applying from onshore, then He/she must hold a substantive visa. It’s a visa other than criminal justice, enforcement, or bridging visa. However, the following visas are excluded from the list:

  • Subclass 771
  • Subclass 403
  • Special purpose Visa


Eligibility Criteria for sponsors

The sponsor must: 

  • Be an organization, a foreign government agency, or a government agency. 
  • Be providing occupational training directly
  • Comply with all the sponsorship obligations


Basic Requirements

Apart from the above-given criteria, the applicant is also obliged to satisfy the following requirements:

  • He/she must be sponsored by an Australian organization or government agency. 
  • He/she must be nominated for the Training visa (unless the sponsor is a commonwealth Government Agency)
  • He/she must be invited by the concerned authorities for visa application. 


Additional conditions

  • The applicant is bound to sign the Australian values statement.
  • Must not have a previously refused application.
  • The applicant must not be of age lower than 18


Three Nomination Streams for Training Visa Subclass 407 - Best Migration Agent

Three Nomination Streams for Training Visa Subclass 407

The Subclass 407 visa consists of three nomination streams:

  • Occupational training for registration

For an applicant to qualify under this nomination stream, he/she is required to have workplace training in order to obtain registration or licensing in the specified field to get employment in Australia or any country. Moreover, one must have appropriate qualifications and skills to undertake the occupational training program. 

  • Occupational training to enhance skills

This nomination stream requires occupational training in a proper workplace structure that meets the applicant’s training requirements as a nominee. In this stream, the applicant must nominate an occupation of his/her choice from the list and must possess at least 12-months of working experience in the selected occupation. 

  • Occupational training for capacity building overseas

There are three sub-categories in this nomination stream: 

  • Overseas qualification

Requires the applicant to complete his/her studies from a foreign institute. Moreover, he/she must have at least 6-months of hands-on practical experience in the field. The required occupational training environment must be workplace-based so that it specifically meets his/her specialized needs.

  • Government support

The occupational training is supported by an Australian-based government agency. The training must be workplace-structured, complying with the aspirant’s training needs. The category is only suitable where the Australian government comes in agreement with the other country to provide training to its residents in the country. 

  • Professional development

Unlike the aforementioned categories, this one requires the applicant to satisfy additional conditions including:

  • Holding a professional/managerial position for an overseas employer for a certain duration
  • The occupational training must be consistent with the area of expertise, and the business background of the overseas employer.
  • The training, just like the aforementioned sub-categories, must be workplace structured.


Documents requirement for Training Visa Subclass 407 - best immigration consultant

Documents requirement for Training Visa Subclass 407

Before the applicant lodges his/her application for Subclass 407 Visa, the following documents must be kept ready, as the authorities might request any of these regardless. They will add up as proof of authenticity, and therefore play a pivotal role in deciding the fate of the application. 

  • A document that shows permissible age for the visa
  • A document to prove the finances of the applicant and his present nature of work
  • A nomination from an approved temporary activity sponsor
  • A history of previously received visas (if present)
  • Adequate health insurance coverage
  • Have proof to comply with the health and character requirements
  • A documented proof of achieving a functional level of English
  • Proof of being a genuine temporary entrant
  • Must have at least 12 months experience in the respective nomination


Subclass 407 visa processing time

Although the visa processing time depends on the type of training applied for and the application itself, 90% of the applications are processed within 9-months, and 75% within 7-months. To increase the chances of approval, it is highly recommended for the applicant to consult an experienced agent. 


For further information regarding the visa and to check whether your occupation is included in the training program, kindly visit the official website of the Department of Home Affairs Australia.