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Designated Regional Areas in South Australia (SA)

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Complete South Australia falls under regional South Australia with a little twist.

THE TWIST: Although complete South Australia is a regional area. But the South Australian Government has further divided these regions into two categories for regional development:

  1. Greater Adelaide.
  2. Outer Regional South Australia.

We have created three types of search options for you here:

  1. “All South Australia” search.
  2. “Outer regional South Australia” search (Priority Processing).
  3. “Greater Adelaide Regions” search.

Enter any suburb name or postcode in the below search field, and our system will find out for you if it is a designated regional area or not?

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Show regional areas in Greater Adelaide

Download List of South Australia regional Areas in PDF

Click the button below to download complete list of SA regions.

Search Regional Areas near a suburb of your choice

If you want to live close to a specific Suburb. Just enter the name of that suburb and our regional area calculator will give you list of all eligible regional areas near the suburb of your choice that you entered. 

Nearest Eligible Designated Areas are as follows
PostcodeNameStateDistance from Capital CBD (km)Urban AreaPopulationCategoryMedian IncomeArea (sq km)Urban AreaTypeLocal GovernmentRegion

Results with Best Median Income

Below is the list of top 25 suburbs that we have ranked as best income-wise.

Once again, the following buttons will show you three types of lists.

  1. Income-wise best regional areas all over SA.
  2. Income-wise best regional location in “Outer Regional South Australia.
  3. Income-wise best regional location in Greater Adelaide.

Best regions by Income - in all South Australia

Outer Regional South Australia - Best Income

Greater Adelaide - Best Income

Best South Australian regions with GREATER POPULATION

The population is one of the major factors that could count towards the income and economy of a particular region. Below is the list of eligible regions in SA that have better population rating.

  1. The best population-wise in all South Australian regions.
  2. The best population-wise in Outer Regional South Australia.
  3. The best population-wise in Greater Adelaide.

Outer Regional South Australia - Best by Population

All South Australian regions - Best by Population

Greater Adelaide - Best by Population

Best "Outer Regional" areas NEAR ADELAIDE

Want to explore OUTER REGIONAL SOUTH AUSTRALIAN regions that are close to Adelaide.

Below is the list of “OUTER REGIONAL SOUTH AUSTRALIAN” areas that are close to Adelaide. We have calculated the distance from Adelaide CBD/City.

EXPERT's RANKING By "SIDRA SHAHAB" - Brilliant Migration Club

While Income and population are important factors for migrants and overseas workers. We think that there should be a balance between median income and population of a suburb.

Higher-income suburbs does not necessarily mean higher income opportunities in that area. People in higher-income suburbs might be travelling to other suburbs nearby for better income.

Sidra Shahab, A Registered Migration Consultant at BRILLIANT MIGRATION CLUB has identified all those suburbs that rank well both Income and Population wise.

Please click the button below to check our expert’s rankings.

Best by Expert's Ranking in Outer Regional South Australia

Regional Australia's list for other States

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SA regional Areas with Best Median Income
Search the Suburbs with Best Median Income

Income is your concern. Search the regional areas with the best median Income in Victoria

SA Regional Areas with Greater Population
Regional Areas with Greater Population

More population, better economic activities. Search the regional areas with the highest population

SA regional Areas near CBD
Best Regional Areas Near Adelaide

Want to live in a regional area near Adelaide. Search the suburbs close to Adelaide City/CBD

Search SA Regional Area
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Trying to find out regional areas near a known suburb. Enter the suburb name to find nearest regional areas.

Migration Agent Suggested Best Regional Areas
Expert's Ranking by "Sidra Shahab"

Let us suggest you the best regional areas identified by the experts at Brilliant Migration Club.

download the Complete regional list for victoria Australia by expert migration agent Sidra Shahab
Download the list in pdf format

This section will let you download the complete list of eligible South Australian regional areas in a pdf format.

Regional-Areas-in-Other-States-and-Territories best migration agent in australia
Regional Areas in Other States and Territories

Click here to see the designated regional areas list in other States and Territories. Directed to new page.


Good news is that the all South Australian postcodes fall under the “Designated Regional Area” for regional visas.

Use our Designated Regional Area calculator below to find the best suburbs in South Australia according to your own requirements.

How does the Designated Regional Areas Calculator work?

It’s simple, enter the suburb name/postcode and press buttons to explore.

You’ll get comprehensive data including population, income, local government area, local council and other factors that may be important for you in your regional visas journey.