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Tasmania Regional Areas List with Postcodes

All regions in Tasmania are “Australian eligible regional areas” for the purpose of regional visas.

We have compiled “Tasmania regional areas list” for the applicants who have their nominated occupation on Tasmania‘s occupation list and willing to explore regional areas in Tasmania for settlement.

Regional Tasmania is a popular destination for applicants who wish to seek state nomination for Subclass 491 or other regional Visas.

What can you do with the regional areas calculator for Tasmania?


1. Search any designated area in Tasmania. Just enter the name or the postcode of the suburb and our search engine will give you complete information about that regional area including its distance from Hobart, Income, and Population, local government area.

2. Search for the Best regional Areas in Tasmania (TAS) according to the income and population index.

3. Search for some great regional areas in Tasmania and we will calculate the distance from Hobart from nearest to farthest.

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Enter any Tasmanian suburb name or postcode in the below search field, and our system will confirm if it is a regional Tasmania or not?

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If you want to live close to a specific Suburb. Just enter the name of that suburb and our regional area calculator will give you list of all eligible regional areas near the suburb of your choice that you entered. 

Nearest Eligible Designated Areas are as follows
PostcodeNameStateDistance from Capital CBD (km)Urban AreaPopulationCategoryMedian IncomeArea (sq km)Urban AreaTypeLocal GovernmentRegion

Results with Best Median Income

Below is the list of suburbs that we have ranked as best income-wise.


The population is one of the major factors that could count towards a particular area’s income and economy. Below is the list of eligible regional areas of Hobart that have better population rating.


Want to live in Tasmania designated regional areas that are close to Hobart. 

Below is the list of regional areas that are close to Hobart. 

EXPERT RANKING By "SIDRA SHAHAB" - Brilliant Migration Club

While Income and population are important, we think there should be a balance between the median income and population of a suburb.

Higher-income suburbs does not necessarily mean higher income opportunities in that area.

Sidra Shahab, A Registered Migration Consultant at BRILLIANT MIGRATION CLUB, has identified all those suburbs that rank well both Income and Population wise.

Please click the button below to check our own ranking.  

Postcode Name Distance from Hobart CBD (km) Population Median Income Category Area (sq km) Urban Area Type Local Government Region rank population by median income
7052 Blackmans Bay 16.8 7145 36816 Category 2 6.205 Hobart Suburb Kingborough (Municipality) Hobart 0.19407322903086
7030 Bridgewater 22.1 4045 22984 Category 2 17.255 Hobart Suburb Brighton (Municipality) Hobart 0.17599199443091
7011 Claremont 14.4 7750 29536 Category 2 17.924 Hobart Suburb Glenorchy (City) Hobart 0.26239165763814
7310 Devonport 281 13759 25896 Category 3 10.290 Major urban locality Devonport (City) West and North West 0.53131757800432
7310 East Devonport 279 4053 24076 Category 3 12.141 Devonport Suburb Devonport (City) West and North West 0.168341917262
7253 George Town 251 4347 22724 Category 3 104.657 Urban locality George Town (Municipality) Launceston and North East 0.1912955465587
7010 Glenorchy 8.7 10828 25688 Category 2 10.373 Hobart Suburb Glenorchy (City) Hobart 0.42151977577079
7018 Howrah 11.8 8690 37440 Category 2 6.564 Hobart Suburb Clarence (City) Hobart 0.2321047008547
7050 Kingston 12.3 10409 32916 Category 2 37.214 Hobart Suburb Kingborough (Municipality) Hobart 0.31622918945194
7307 Latrobe 271 4169 27092 Category 3 63.963 Urban locality Latrobe (Municipality) West and North West 0.15388306511147
7015 Lindisfarne 6.4 6179 35568 Category 2 6.945 Hobart Suburb Clarence (City) Hobart 0.17372357174989
7009 Moonah 6 5421 28392 Category 2 2.845 Hobart Suburb Glenorchy (City) Hobart 0.19093406593407
7248 Mowbray 204 3733 21788 Category 3 9.282 Launceston Suburb Launceston (City) Launceston and North East 0.17133284376721
7248 Newnham 207 6453 24544 Category 3 5.982 Launceston Suburb Launceston (City) Launceston and North East 0.26291558018253
7140 New Norfolk 35.6 5432 25220 Category 2 14.808 Urban locality Derwent Valley (Municipality) Hobart 0.21538461538462
7250 Newstead 202 5366 32292 Category 3 3.772 Launceston Suburb Launceston (City) Launceston and North East 0.16617118791032
7008 New Town 4.2 6122 33124 Category 2 3.880 Hobart Suburb Hobart (City) Hobart 0.18482067383166
7250 Prospect Vale 200 5067 29952 Category 3 9.989 Launceston Suburb Meander Valley (Municipality) Launceston and North East 0.16917067307692
7250 Ravenswood 205 3625 22568 Category 3 10.015 Launceston Suburb Launceston (City) Launceston and North East 0.16062566465792
7250 Riverside 206 6472 33332 Category 3 49.422 Launceston Suburb West Tamar (Municipality) Launceston and North East 0.19416776671067
7005 Sandy Bay 4.9 11927 34788 Category 2 6.985 Hobart Suburb Hobart (City) Hobart 0.34284810854318
7315 Ulverstone 297 6465 26260 Category 3 16.683 Urban locality Central Coast (Municipality) West and North West 0.246191926885
7315 West Ulverstone 300 4191 25376 Category 3 18.161 Ulverstone Suburb Central Coast (Municipality) West and North West 0.16515605296343
7325 Wynyard 343 6001 25480 Category 3 52.006 Urban locality Waratah/Wynyard (Municipality) West and North West 0.2355180533752
Postcode Name Distance from Hobart CBD (km) Population Median Income Category Area (sq km) Urban Area Type Local Government Region rank population by median income

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Important Information about Tasmanian Regions

Tasmania is the southernmost state of Australia. Despite being an island, it is closer to South America and New Zealand than to Australia. The island is divided into five regions. The West Coast is the most isolated and undeveloped, but it offers some of the state’s most spectacular scenery. The Northeast is the smallest region, but it has some of Tasmania’s best beaches. The Midlands is one of the major agricultural areas of the state. The North is the most populated region of Tasmania, and it is where you find the capital city, Hobart.

  • Hobart and Southern Tasmania
    Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, Australia. It is located on the River Derwent at the foot of Mount Wellington. Hobart was founded in 1804 as a military outpost. Today, the city has a population of approximately 213,000 people. The city is located in the Derwent Valley and is built on the foothills of Mount Wellington. It is a major port and a gateway to the south. It provides services to the port of Melbourne, located approximately 500 km to the south and also to Launceston, located approximately 500 km to the North. ​
    Southern Tasmania is a place where most of the people live on the southern coast, and have a laid back lifestyle. There is plenty of things to do in this area, from surfing to relaxing on the beach.

  • North West Tasmania
    North West Tasmania is a rural region in Northwest Tasmania, Australia. The region has a population of 35,401 people in June 2015. The region consists of five former Local Government Areas (LGAs): Circular Head, Northern Midlands, West Coast, Waratah-Wynyard and King Island.
    North West Tasmania is a destination that holidaymakers often overlook, but it is well worth visiting. The area is known for its natural beauty, and its secluded beaches are some of the most pristine in the country.

  • The East Coast
    The East Coast is mostly a rural area, but it has some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the state.

  • Launceston and Northern Tasmania

    Launceston is the second city of Tasmania, Australia. It is situated in the North of the island and is the largest city in the North. It is situated on the Tamar River and Tamar Estuary. The city is well known for its large number of bridges that span the Tamar River. At the beginning of the 20th century, the city was a major centre for the timber industry. The city is well connected to the rest of Tasmania by a freeway and by rail and is the hub of the North.


  • Western Tasmania

    Western Tasmania, the western coast of Tasmania, is the most isolated part of the island and has a remarkably different climate and culture from the rest of the state. Western Tasmania is a sparsely populated region and has some of the country’s most magnificent scenery.

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