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Frequently Asked Questions (Read Below)

What Are the Steps Involved in getting Study VISA?

We always recommend Students and their parents to Plan well in advance to minimise the STUDY GAP. Prepare your financials and prepare for your IELTS and PTE even if you are about to finish your studies. Or, start preparing for financials and IELTS/PTE during the time when you are waiting for the results of your last given exam. Bottom line is that there is too much load on Australian Universities and the ideal applicant is the one who plans well in advance with minimum Study Gap. Read below what is Study Gap.
Contact Brilliant Migration Club using one of the following options:
  1. Apply online now by searching button that says ” Apply Online Now for Student Visa”.
  2. Or Visit Your Local Faridabad office. You can find BMC’s office address under “Visit office” tab in above section.

BMC’s Faridabad office in Collaboration with BMC’s Melbourne office will prepare your application to apply to the University. We will get you an offer letter.

After the offer letter, Brilliant Migration Club will submit your financial documents and SOP for GTE clearance. You are required to provide some documents related to your financials, education etc.
Once GTE is clear, you will be asked to transfer fee to University for COE “Confirmation of Enrollment” letter.

We will apply for your final Visa to Department of Home Affairs, Australia after receiving your COE from the University.

Previous Qualification Requirements

You are a perfect fit to study in Australia if you have recently completed your Year 12 (+2), Bachelors or Diploma within the past 1 year. You should start planning even if you are about to finish any studies. The best and the general rule is to apply as soon as possible with minimum study STUDY GAP. Read below to understand the “Study Gap”

Marks requirement in your previous qualifications depends on the type of University. Generally, you should have 60+ percentage marks. Higher the marks, higher the chances of getting admission. Calculating marks eligibility is a tricky matter. Please consult your Local Faridabad office to check your eligibility.

Under ideal circumstances, your study gap should be minimum and should not be more than ONE YEAR.
Study Gap means the time between the date of completion of your last/previous qualification and the date of application to the university.
For example, your gap is 2 years if you completed your year 12 on 30th December 2016 and you applied to Australian University on 30th Dec 2018.
If your Gap is for more than one to two years, you need to cover this with work experience if you were working or studying during these gap years.
In short, you have to satisfy the University why you were not involved in any productive activity during your gap period.

In simple words:
Excellent= Plan your application and plan your financials when you are about to finish your current studies.
Excellent= Plan your application and plan your financials when your STUDY GAP is not over One Year.
Excellent= If your STUDY GAP is more than one year but you are able to provide legal evidence that you were involved in some activity such as working on job, involved in family business, involved in certifications etc. Contact BMC office to discuss your case.

Talk to Brilliant Migration Club’s Australian Government registered Migration Consultant. You may still have chances to get admission.

Never use wrong ways to achieve your Australian dream or you would be banned from Australia even after you GET YOUR VISA. Department will find out one day that you provided wrong information or documents to get Visa.

Read the “MISTAKES THAT MAY KILL YOUR DREAM” section below to avoid any mistakes in your Visa process.

Funds requirements for your admission in Australian University

Yes, you need to show that you have the capability of paying at least one year’s University fee plus one-year living expenses. Show of funds does not mean you have to transfer all this money right now. You actually need to transfer part of funds that are required to show as a “show of funds” requirement. The fund’s requirement to show with the application is generally between 42,500+ Australian Dollars (Fee+Living expense). Contact your local office to know exact funds requirements.
Be careful of the dodgy unregistered consultants who would say that you would need to show funds less than 40,000 Australian Dollars. This is not true. You need to show one year University fee and one year living expenses along with Health Cover+travel Expenses.

There are several ways to arrange these funds. You could own these funds. Your close relatives such as your parents or grandparents can sponsor you with their savings. The most popular option in India is to apply for the bank loan. Please contact your local consultant to find out more about it.

It varies from university to university. Generally, you need to pay first, or first+second semester fee in advance. The figure approximately comes to 12000 Australian Dollars to 25000 Australian Dollars excluding your Health insurance cover. Remember, all Australian Universities have similar type of fee structure. Be aware of the agents who may may misguide you by saying that he/she will get you admission in the cheapest University. There are no cheaper Universities and all Fee Structures are almost the same depending on the Location in Australia where you want to Study.

Australian Universities will issue you an “offer letter” as a first step. Second step is the acceptance of offer letter by the applicant along with additional GTE documents. GTE documents generally means the evidence of your financial eligibility, your SOP “statement of purpose” and some other relevant documents related to your education and family. You will be asked to transfer the fee after second step is clear and accepted by the University. At this stage, you may transfer the advance fee only in Universities Australian Bank account. Never give out money to anyone other than the Australian University or, you may not get a refund in case of any problem in your application. Never deal with un-registered migration agents.

Yes, students are allowed to work for maximum of twenty hours per week. Please talk to your local consultant to understand this better. Your Local consultant in Faridabad is an Australian Citizen and had lived in Australia for twenty good years. He is the most experienced person to guide you about the job opportunities in Australia.

Yes, your money is secure if you transfer the fee to the University’s designated account stated in your offer letter. As said earlier, that there are three steps involved in your application process. The offer letter stage, GTE clearance stage and Visa application stage to immigration department. You need to transfer the fee during GTE stage, that is your second stage. You will be eligible to get refund in your account in a situation where you transferred the Fee to the University but due to any reason, the department did not issue you the Visa.
Brilliant Migration Club will apply for refund to the University due to these unfortunate circumstances and the University is bound to refund you fee after deducting processing charges. Applicants are also allowed to apply refund directly to the University.

English Test (IELTS or PTE) Requirements.

Yes, most universities in Australia requires you to demonstrate your English Proficiency Skills. You must provide IELTS or PTE score card for admission.
Stay away from the consultants who says that they have a University that does not need IELTS or PTE. You may loose your precious time and money in following such type of wrong guidance from wrong people.

You need to convince the University and the Visa officer that you are a strong candidate to study in Australia. Therefore, we always suggest all applicants to try to get maximum score. A reasonable minimum score is to get overall “6” with “6” in each module or PTE equivalent.

Well, be careful of the consultants that are not Australian registered Migration Agents and have no office in Australia or, have never lived in Australia. Stay away from people who are just interested in your money and will not support you once you land in Australia.

We recommend our clients to get maximum score for better chances in getting admission and Visa. You can still apply if your score is less than “6” but chances of getting visa will be on lower side. Remember, you are competing with thousands of students who wish to study in Australia. So, it is always better to get good score.


It is extremely easy to be lost in the flood of information available to the student Visa applicants.
It is difficult to determine which information is right and which information can create problem for your visa. We have listed some important mistakes that you should always avoid. Success of your application depends on the right choices you make.

Never provide forged documents to the Universities or the Immigration Department for Visa. People may say that no one will find out, but there are strong chances that the Australian authorities are going to find out even after you land in Australia. You can have trouble in getting a visa to most western countries in future, in case you provided any forged documents or provide false information at any stage. The best option is to wait and work hard to attain genuine documents. Example of forged documents that could easily be identified are IELTS & PTE results, Degrees and Transcripts, Passports, bank statements, bank letters, property documents, Work-related documents etc.
Our office in Melbourne has seen so many applicants that are in trouble due to providing false information with their application. Please remember, most countries and their systems are all connected with each other for information sharing.

The most common and detrimental mistake that applicants make is to provide all their documents to their agents and never keep the record of the complete information with them. People usually handover all their documents to the consultants and ask them to prepare the application. There is no harm in providing your documents to the consultants, but you should exactly know what information is being provided with your application. Keep the record of the complete application for future use.

Please remember that applicants in most cases need to provide information to the VISA office several times. Your Visa at any stage may be refused if your information did not match with your old application. In most cases, people need to provide information at Student Visa stage, Change of Course stage, Student Visa extension stage, Temporary Residency stage, PR Stage or Citizenship stage (if eligible). It is even vital for minor issues that otherwise be considered small issues by the applicants. For example, at student Visa stage, you said that you lived at X address during period 2014 to 2016. However, at your PR stage, you forgot the X address or the period and the visa officer may refuse your application based on this mismatch of information.

Brilliant Migration club is the one of very few companies that has developed its own CRM software to keep your records safe. You would be provided with the Login details that would include all the applications and documents that were submitted with your applications to various authorities.

Immigration services are regulated industry for Australia. Any unregistered Person is not authorised to provide Immigration advice or service to the applicants. Migration Law is ever changing laws. Only registered migration agents are qualified, trained and experienced people that have access to most recent and updated ever-changing laws.
You may come across several agents in your local town but you should check the following:

  1. Is the Person or Company registered with MARA? MARA is “Migration Agents Registration Authority” by the Australian Government.
  2. Each registered entity is assigned a MARN number. Our MARN number is https://www.mara.gov.au/search-the-register-of-migration-agents/Check the Marn number on Omara website https://www.mara.gov.au/search-the-register-of-migration-agents/
  3. Imagine, how can a person guide you about your desired pathway or goal if the person has never visited Australia or have never lived in Australia.

Check if there is any support service within Australia after you land in Australia. Support service is extremely important as you would always needs guidelines and support to achieve your desired objectives. Brilliant Migration Club has its Head office in Australia and we always support the students that process their applications through us.

We understand that every student who plans to study overseas tries to leave its home country as soon as possible for better future. Almost every applicant (student) during first meeting tells his/her agent that

  • “I want to go to Australia as soon as possible”. (Bad statement, this is where you will make wrong decision)
  • “Get me a visa ASAP and I will manage everything after I reach Australia” ( The real game starts when you reach Australia. You need long term support and only Australian based companies can provide that support)
  • “ My friend got visa in one month”. ( Who knows when did your friend apply. Visa in one month is impossible in our opinion)

All above questions  can be your weak points where most unregistered or scammy agents would tell you that they can get the VISA within one or two months. Remember, Student Visa processing is an extremely complicated process and it can take anywhere between two months to six months depending on your documents and financial status. You must stay away from such agents and assess your timeframe based on the information provided on this page. Your application could be stuck for months if you do not plan properly or if you are unaware of your application status at various stages. Brilliant Migration Club has a CRM software that will keep the information transparent for you all the time.

Youngsters generally think that they have got the VISA right after they have appointed or engaged an agent. Or, after they get the offer letter.
Please remember, appointing an agent or getting an offer letter is just the first step towards your goal and you can never be sure of your Visa until you have a real visa in hand and you landed in Australia.
Tell your friends only when you have Visa in your hand otherwise you would feel embarrassment or pressure from your friends and society. As a consequence, you may also pressurise your consultant who may make mistakes in a hurry due to pressure from your side.

Please remember, that Student Visa is a complicated process and your agent requires reasonable time to process your application carefully at several stages to avoid mistakes. A single mistake can cause a Visa refusal.
Most consultants have manual system to process your application in which the chances of mistakes are high. We have a computer based system in place to process your application.

We can’t emphasise enough the importance of processing your application in a timely manner with the highest level of accuracy. As stated earlier, a small mistake can cause your application to be refused. Your consultant should be able to work on your application with accuracy and in a timely manner.
Before engaging with your consultant, you must ask them what systems do they have in place to process the applications in timely manner without causing much delays due to bad communication.

Ask them the following questions:

  • Do they have a better option to communicate with you or would they use the same old method of phone calls, emails and dropbox, google drive type of stuff?
  • Phone calls are good to use but are they going to give you access to any computer system that could let you check the status of your own application along with all the steps that are required to be completed without any mistake?

Brilliant Migration club will give you software access to a system that will give you status of your application, complete documents record for your future reference and to help you cross-check your application yourself on the computer system. No one will give you this feature.